NAS Oceana - Galley

Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana was commissioned in August 1943. Construction of the base began after the U.S. Government purchased 328.95 acres of land in 1940. A small airfield was built and 32 officers and 172 enlisted men were assigned to the air station.  Asphalt runways were constructed in November 1941.
NAS Oceana is the sole East coast master jet base in the entire U.S. Navy. Located in Virginia Beach, the air station supports the operations of the US Navy's Atlantic and Pacific Fleet strike fighter aircraft.  The air station occupies an area of 6,000 acres and accommodates approximately 22,700 personnel. This includes 10,000 military, 11,000 family members and 1,700 civilian employees.  The NAS Oceana is situated within the city limits of Virginia Beach, about 25.7km east of the city of Norfolk. The base was developed on a swampy wasteland. The facilities at the air station cover an area of 5,916 acres. 

The Hornet's Nest Galley decorated their dining rooms by going back in time to showcase NAS Oceana's rich history dedicated to past commanding officers.  There are over 150 photos, chosen to make the Galley come alive with history. Not only are the photos of prior commanding officers, but they have air craft of the era too.  Additionally, “Patriots Hall" recognizes significant military personnel and events including VADM Apollo Soucek, a test pilot whom the Oceana airfield is named after, POW/MIA personnel, Medal of Honor winners, NASA, homecomings and the Flame of Hope memorial.

Perfect for Sailors that may only have a 30 minute lunch break, but still want something quick and affordable, don't forget to visit the NAVYs first and only Galley drive-thru. Our drive-thru is a great tool that gives our customers another option and increases the appeal of the Hornet's Nest.