Counseling & Assistance - Personal Finance Management

The Navy's Personal Financial Management Program helps put the dream of financial freedom within the reach of every service member.  An array of free financial information and advice from Certified Financial Educators is available to Sailors and family members at the Fleet and Family Support Center.  The financial educators also conduct money saving workshops such as car buying, consumer awareness, budgeting, investment strategies, and much more.

Art of Money Management
This workshop provides in-depth instruction and information on developing successful money management skills. Topics include understanding and using credit, Navy pay and allowances, spending strategies, and how to save and invest.

Car Buying Strategies
Looking for a car? Don't get taken for a ride! Learn all the important do's and don’ts BEFORE you step onto the car lot in this single-session program. Topics include negotiating, trade-ins, discounts, financing, high-pressure sales tactics, and tricks to watch out for.

Developing Your Spending Plan
Program offered only as a command-requested program. Not available as all-comers — no scheduled program dates. Do you want to get control of your financial life? This single-session workshop can help you develop a realistic spending plan. With this spending plan in place, you’ll be on your way to paying your bills on time and achieving your short and long-term financial goals.

Financial Responsibility In The Military
This single-session program covers Navy policy and disciplinary procedures in the area of personal finances, checking and loan procedures, and Hampton Roads consumer issues.

TSP – Your Key to Financial Independence
The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) provides all service members with the opportunity to get an immediate tax break while saving for their and their family's future. Learn how to take advantage of this exciting government-sponsored savings and investment program to build wealth and achieve financial independence in this ninety-minute workshop.

Million Dollar Sailor
A two-day interactive program for active duty service members, reservists, retirees and family members who are financially stable and are looking for more in-depth information on topics such as financial goal setting and implementation, debt reduction, savings, investing, and long-term wealth building.

Consumer Awareness
Have you ever made a purchase that you later regretted? It's a jungle out there, and this single-session workshop will teach you how to be a savvy consumer. Topics include avoiding purchasing pitfalls, how to exercise your consumer rights, methods for resolving consumer complaints, and ways to access consumer advocacy resources.

Credit Management
This single-session workshop provides valuable information on establishing a credit history, choosing and using credit and debit cards, debt-to-income ratio, consumer installment loans, credit reports, and effectively managing your credit.

Don’t Bet Your Life On It
So you think you're going to win the lottery? Don't bet your life on it. That's the theme of this 60 minute gambling awareness module that helps you to understand types of gambling personalities, the facts surrounding this seemingly harmless activity and a self-assessment to gauge your level of gambling personalities. Once complete, you will know gambling warning signs and have a list of resources that can help you or someone you know who might have a gambling problem.

Home Ownership
VHDA's Home Ownership workshop is designed to take the mystery out of buying a home. Learn more about managing personal finances and credit, working with a lender and real estate agent, and completing the loan process and home inspection. You'll also learn ways to protect your investment as a homeowner.

How To Survive The Holiday’s Financially
Learn how to reduce the financial stress of the holidays. This 90-minute workshop helps participants plan for holiday spending and make the most effective use of money this holiday season. Offered seasonally and at command request. Offered Seasonally. Call the center nearest you for more information or to schedule a class at your command.

Identity Theft
This workshop explains the different types of identity theft, teaches ways to guard against identity theft, discusses ways to manage your personal information, and offers steps you should take if your identity is stolen. Open to military members and their families.

How much insurance is enough? Which types do you really need? What should you pay? This workshop covers the basic types of insurance and what they can do for you. Some topics include: life, health, homeowners and rental insurance, as well as SGLI and DIC. Call FFSC for more information about this program.

Retirement Planning
This single session, interactive program introduces the basic concepts of financial retirement planning, including the military retirement system and the new Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). This is a must, if you are leaving the military.

Savings & Investments
This single session, interactive program, suitable for all audiences, is designed to develop more in depth knowledge and skills that will enable participants to save and invest wisely. Explore various investment options and learn which instrument best suits you and your individual goal.

Smart Start: Finances For Newlyweds
This program provides financial information and guidance to single service members contemplating marriage and newly married service members. Topics covered are short and long-term financial goal-setting, spending plans, savings and investing, and effective communication on financial matters.

Command Finance Specialists Resources

Fleet & Family Support Centers support commands by offering, Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Training, CFS Refresher, CFS Forum and Financial Town Hall Meeting and Division Officer Financial Leadership Seminar.

Call your local Fleet & Family Support Center to receive an interactive Excel document.
Financial Planning Worksheet.